Areas of learning

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Areas of learning

School is where your child will develop patterns of learning and social interaction that last a lifetime. We have the following areas of learning,

Practical life
Children are naturally interested in activities they have witnessed like getting dressed, pouring without spilling. This helps children develop concentration and coordinated movement.

Through a variety of language activities and materials, children become familiar with sounds and symbols, phonics and begin the process of writing, which naturally leads to reading.

Fine Motor
Fine motor skills are being acquired and refined through the use of specially selected manipulative materials which improve Eye/Hand coordination, finger dexterity and strength and wrist rotation.

Gross Motor
Movement is a key component in a children’s ability to learn. Gross motor skills helps children to develop large muscle control in arms, legs and the entire body.

Children are sensorial learners. They absorb everything through their senses like touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, listening which helps to improve their Cognitive skills.

Children begin to explore mathematical relationships for abstract reasoning, problem-solving strategies and confidence in using numbers in everyday life.

The social behaviours that flourish in Avani’s Preschool program are responsible for one’s own behaviour, respect for others, grace and courtesy and care of the environment. .

Cosmic Education
Cosmic Education gives the children the opportunity to explore and acquire knowledge of the Universe which enables the children to understand interrelationships that exist in the world.

Field trip
Field trip is an effective method of teaching where active learning takes place. It is an extension of classroom learning which helps in exposing children to real world experience.p>

Carrying their own lunch is an opportunity for children to bring a part of home to school each day. Parents should volunteer to provide healthy snacks in the morning.

Meetings to discuss the child’s classroom experience and development are held each term. Parents are provided with Assessment report at the end of each term.